Visit Puerto Rico
Visit Puerto Rico
Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Hotels, Attractions, and Information

Written by Julie Greiner
Puerto Rico is the island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Being only 1,000 miles south of Miami, Florida and under the U.S. customs jurisdiction - there is free movement between the United States and Puerto Rico. American in feeling, Latin at heart... this is the window to the Caribbean. There are luxurious resorts, golf, tennis, fishing, diving, horse racing and baseball - all entwined in history.

Mangos, Passion Fruit and Climate to Match

When looking for a diverse location for your next luxury vacation... Puerto Rico offers it all. There are miles and miles of perfect white sandy beaches to sun on, scuba dive and sail... plus a fantastic rain-forest, mountains and modern cities. Puerto Rico has a year round summer temperature averaging at 82 °F (28 °C). The height of the season is between December and April, when it is cold in the U.S. mainland. Even though hurricane season is May through November - this is a good time
The Shoreline of Puerto Rico
to enjoy off season perks.

Shopping, Casinos and Nightlife of Puerto Rico

San Juan, the metropolitan capital of Puerto Rico is notorious for its numerous plazas. Plaza Las Americas in Hato Rey is the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean and has 190 stores including J.C. Penney's, Sears, Macy's and smaller boutiques and specialty shops. Hand made cigars, rum and local artisan crafts are the commodities Puerto Rico is known for. The beach and resort areas are outside Old San Juan, Condado, Miramar, Ocean Park and Isla Verde. This is where the hotels with casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and spas are prevalent.

Attractions in Puerto Rico

Once you have pulled
yourself away from the beach and resort areas you can start to discover the old world architecture and parks. Rio Camuy Caves Park in Hatillo has the world's third largest underground river. You will see caverns as high as twenty-story buildings. Ponce is the architectural gem on the southern coast, founded in 1692 and Puerto Rico's second largest city. Puerto Rico has two phenomenal bio-luminescent bays where micro-organisms in the water light up. El Unque, the only tropical rain forest in the Americas, is only thirty minutes from
Visit Puerto Rico
San Juan.

Hotel Accommodations

Puerto Rico's finest accommodations are outside the city. The mountainous interior of the main island is beautiful, but lodging is scarce. Spanish is the first language and English the second and the currency is U.S. The hotels and resorts outside of San Juan are noted for their golf courses and casinos. San Juan is the hub of the Caribbean, with more direct flights than any other airport in the region. The numerous flights to and through San Juan makes it ideal for a long week-end get-away and/or as a stopover on your way to other places - as well as a main vacation destination.
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